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Mangrove tree plants

With the help of the Nishio Culture Society and the Nishio City Board of Education, Aiya hosts a series of bi-monthly benefit concerts. Proceeds from this concert for years have gone to the mangrove forest replanting program at the OISCA International (Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement) Research Center. Aiya also contributes directly to the mangrove forests by sending our employee volunteers to South East Asia to help with the replanting efforts. Each year, Aiya employees and a select group of Nishio farmers take two weeks from their work schedule to volunteer hand in hand with members of the local community to plant the trees.

Beginning in 2001 Aiya travels around the world every 2 years for these planting projects.

So far we’ve been responsible for planting a total of more than 72,000 trees in South East Asian countries. We typically send between 40 to 60 people to support the process.

Below is a list of previous trips by Aiya to plant mangrove trees and Mahogany plants:
  • 2001: Philippines, 40 people, 6,300 Mangroves
  • 2003: Thailand, 40 people, 12,300 Mangroves
  • 2005: Indonesia, 60 people, 4,200 Mahoganies
  • 2007: Thailand, 60 people, 13,000 Mangroves
  • 2009: Malaysia, 50 people, 5,000 Mangroves
  • 2011: Indonesia, 36 people, 6,000 Mangroves
  • 2013: Philippines, 35 people, 7,800 Mangroves
  • 2015: Vietnam, 38 people, 17,700 Mangroves

Little known fact: In South East Asia, Singapore, a newly developing country, has had 95% of its native lowland rain forest cleared. Most of the rain forest was lost in the mid- to late-nineteenth century. As a result many species of flora, fauna, insects and birds became extinct.