This past weekend was the 2nd annual LA Green Festival held at the LA Convention Center. The Green Festival is a consumer show that is open to the public and it was Aiya America's first time exhibiting at the festival. The exhibitor area was held at the Kentia Hall. The amount of exhibitors was a decent size as well. We at Aiya had not really heard of the Green Festival before so we were not sure what kind of turnout to expect in all honesty. The show started off slow, but I guess you could say it was the calm before a storm because around 2 hours into the show it was ridiculously busy. We were making drinks none stop for people to try and sample. There was much interest in Matcha green tea by the attendees that all stopped by our booth. Surprisingly amongst "green" people Matcha is still relatively unknown. Once they learned about the health benefits associated with Matcha and the many ways you can consume it they became more intrigued. For this show we sampled traditional Matcha green tea using our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha smoothies using our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend. This show also happened to be the debut of our new booth. Or more specially a new background graphic for our booth display. The verdict for the show was a success for us. It seemed to generate a lot of interest and it's always great to be able to exhibit at a local show where we can meet and talk with the local clientele. I'm sure we will exhibit next year as well.