Over the weekend the Japanese American National Museum located in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA hosted the LA International Tea Festival. The event itself was a 2-day event open to the public for a small registration fee. The event resembled that of a tea trade show, but instead of only businesses being able to attend, this show was open to the public. The event had an area where various companies showcased their products, sampled their teas, and even sold some of products to attendees. Additionally the show had some free presentations along with more in-depth lectures to further  people's understanding about tea or specific tea related subjects. Our very own James Oliveira held a demonstration where he showed attendees how to whisk up the perfect bowl of Matcha, and how to discern the difference between a high quality and low quality Matcha. We didn't know what to expect since this is the first time we attended this event. Many of the companies in attendance were local companies like ourselves.  The show was extremely busy. We were constantly making up samples of our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha smoothies using our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend/Pre-Mix. It was probably one of the busiest shows we attended this year in terms of the amount of foot traffic and interest we had at our table. It was so busy we didn't even get a moment to take a lunch break. Being that the event was in Little Tokyo was befitting since Aiya specializes in Matcha green tea, a product of Japan, and  it fit in perfectly with the surroundings. Many of the attendees were very nice and really enjoyed our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha smoothies. Many of the attendees even attended the Matcha demonstration lecture and in some cases commented on it being the most informative and interesting class out of all the lectures offered during the entire LA International Tea Festival. Being that this show was local, it was great that we were able to meet and speak with locals and generate more interest in Matcha green tea and our company. The LA International Tea Festival was a great success for us and we believe that the attendees really enjoyed the event as well. Aiya America can't wait until next year when this event comes around again. I'm sure you will see us in attendance partaking in the event once again.