This week in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center was the World Tea East convention, which has been going on 2 years running now. This show was a little more special then others because 2 members of the Aiya America Team were asked to be guest speakers during the festivities. James Oliveira spoke about Japanese teas during the World Origins Tea Tasting Tour where he also tea tasted Aiya's Premium Gyokuro, Aiya's Premium Sencha, and Aiya's Matcha Infused Genmaicha. To finish up the presentaion he ended with Aiya's Ceremonial Matcha. Fumi Sugita held a Matcha demonstration class where he gave detailed instructions on how to whisk up the perfect bowl of Matcha. He also spoke about the growing interest of Matcha in North America, the different uses of Matcha, as well as how to determine a high quality Matcha vs. a low quality Matcha. The showroom floor was small and intimate when compared to World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, but looks can be deceiving because it was pretty busy. It was nice seeing the show growing compared to the amount of attendees last year, but again this show is still in it's infancy. Traffic wise it was great because the people that stopped by had genuine interest in the product, and many of them even placed orders during the show. The leads were quality leads, which is what you really want in the end so it made for a worthwhile show. This show around we sampled traditional Matcha using our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha smoothies using our Matcha Pre-Mix/Zen Cafe Blend. Like every World Tea and World tea East Expo they held a Tea Championship contest where various companies compete in different categories to see which tea is "best" voted by attendees. We won for Best Blended Tea with our Matcha Infused Genmaicha. We hope to see the World Tea East convention continue in its growth as tea interest in tea continues to grow as well.