In mid-April, the Aiya team flew out to beautifully green Atlanta, Georgia for the annual SCAA coffee show. We've been exhibiting at this show for quite some time now, but the fragrant aroma of coffee beans and the relaxed vibe of the show is something we always look forward to.

SCAA is one of the largest coffee shows in America with vendors from all over the world, showcasing not just coffee products, but also coffee shop machinery and other ingredients as well. Matcha played a big part in this show. It felt like you couldn’t turn a corner without seeing this gorgeous jade green tea powder. Many attendees said they already featured Matcha on their menus. It was truly a treat to hear about their experiences, like the first time they started using Matcha. One coffee shop owner told us he offers a separate line of Matcha drinks at his store, from plain hot teas to creamy lattes, and even an apricot Matcha iced tea. The thought of this filled us with joy (and longing to try it ourselves)!

We saw lots of new, innovative coffee products. The coolest thing we saw was an espresso shot cup made from waffle cookies and coated with chocolates in different flavors from dark, to s’mores, to cookie butter. As the hot espresso shot mixes with the chocolate coating, it melts to create a delightfully creamy pick-me-up treat (and an edible cup!). We would love to see one of these coated with Matcha white chocolate, or maybe Matcha oreo!

As another great trade show comes to a close, we look back at the past few years and appreciate how far Matcha has come. Matcha – once a new and little known ingredient – has come so far! We are so proud to watch it grow. Next up, the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas- see you there!