A few weeks ago during the beginning of May, the Aiya team exhibited at the annual Gluten Free Expo held by the Celiac Disease Foundation. This was our very first time at the show, and we had a lot of fun sampling out our drinks and meeting new people.

The Gluten Free Expo was smaller, and gave off a slightly different vibe than our normal shows, as it was geared towards consumers with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. This show was amazing in the sense that it allowed consumers with gluten sensitivity to explore possibilities of new and different gluten free foods available on the market. There were tons of exhibiting companies that we have heard of before, and which are readily available at grocery stores, such as Lays and Dole. We even saw some familiar exhibitors that we have met at other trade shows, like the Natural Products Expo West.

Our samples were very popular among the attendees, especially our tea lattes, made with our Zen Café Blend line. We sampled out not only our Matcha lattes this time, but also a rooibos latte made with our Rooibos Zen Café Blend, and a black tea latte, made with our Black Tea Zen Café Blend. As per usual, everyone enjoyed our hot ceremonial Matcha. It seems like more and more people are starting to get familiarized with Matcha.

It was a fun and interesting experience to exhibit to a different type of market, and it was definitely great getting to educate the attendees about Matcha. Some were not aware that Matcha (and teas in general) are naturally gluten free. Many were also not aware that Matcha can be added to virtually anything, such as desserts and drinks. Hopefully this opened up the possibility of more people incorporating Matcha into their diets, even if they aren’t tea drinkers in general. Overall it was a great, new experience, and we can’t wait for even more opportunities headed our way!