Summer, you’ve been good to us. Our memories are filled with great shows, and we welcome fall with open arms (and these Pumpkin Spice Matcha Lattes!). But before we completely leave this sunny season behind, let us take a moment to share with you our experience at the annual IFT show in Chicago- one of the largest ingredient shows in the U.S.!

Ingredients are the foundation of the food industry, so being able to see what’s new and trending in this industry was definitely a treat for us. This year alongside the popular gluten free trend, alternative flours seemed to be getting a lot of attention- amaranth, spelt, buckwheat—you name it! Alternatives for other foods, like milks, oils, and nut butters, have been around for a while, but this was the first year we noticed so many booths with alt-flours. The flour experts at these booths mentioned that different flours yield different textures and tastes—it got us thinking about experimenting with baked Matcha treats!

As much as we love walking the show and discovering new trends, our favorite part of any show is educating people about our Matcha. Even though Matcha’s popularity has increased ten-fold during the past few years, there still seems to be some confusion when it comes to determining which grade and quality is best for what application (read more about the different grades of Matcha here). We also noticed that companies seemed to be branching out and experimenting with Matcha in more unconventional ways, such as putting it in savory products like hummus and oils.

Overall, the IFT show was a great way to end our summer. Coming up in fall, we have the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and the Supply Side West in Vegas. Stay tuned!