Baltimore, we meet again! Last month, the Aiya team was back in Baltimore for the annual Natural Products Expo East. As much as we love sunny California during the fall, it’s always wonderful getting to feel the crisp breeze of the East coast. As one of the largest natural expos in the US, the NPEE definitely did not disappoint.

Though we didn’t have any new products to sample at this show (aside from the fact that our pure Matcha is now Gluten-Free and Non-GMO certified), we had our usual line-up of yummy Matcha drinks: traditional Matcha and Matcha lattes. Additionally, we focused our energy on Matcha education and tackled common questions like how to tell the difference between a low quality and high quality Matcha (read more about it here).

Aside from talking Matcha, we enjoyed walking the show to see what’s new—lots of coconut water and healthy chip alternatives (like popcorn chips and sprouted chips). But the best part about exploring was walking across the aisle to a delicious natural cookie company sampling their holiday line! We couldn’t help but grab a few every hour (our favorite was the pumpkin spice brownies!).

It’s no question that the natural products industry has grown over the past decade or so. Walking this show and chatting with the vendors has made us really appreciate how large it has become. It’s a great industry to be in—not only because of its growth, but also because we are in a community of businesses that really care about the health and wellness of the population—and we are thankful for this every day.