With summer coming to an end (September already?), we wanted to sit down and reflect upon sunnier days from our trip to New York in late June. We flew out for the annual Summer Fancy Food Show – our third one so far. Lots of things seemed to have changed since the 2015 show, but the fun, global vibes were just as we remembered it!

The show seemed to be way more health conscious this year, with many companies (like us!) showcasing their gluten-free or non-GMO certifications. These certifications gained so much popularity that they had incorporated these categories into the show’s Sofi Awards. Additionally, other natural certifications such as Dairy Free, Kosher, and Vegan seemed to be a popular trend on the show floor. We enjoyed seeing so many companies being conscious of people’s different lifestyles, and are so proud to be pioneers for this in the Matcha industry. (Read about our Gluten-Free certification here and our new Non-GMO certification here).

Another popular trend we noticed was chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! These sweet treats were everywhere (and so many of them were Matcha flavored). Something different from the 2015 show though, was the increase in savory and spicy flavors, like turmeric and chili. Speaking of savory and spicy flavors, this seemed to be a trend not only in chocolate, but in other food products as well- such as granola, cheese, and even yogurts!

We spent three full days socializing, talking Matcha, and exploring new innovative trends in the food industry. The Summer Fancy Food Show did not disappoint, and we cannot wait to see what it brings to the table next year!