Our 2016 trade show year began at the end of January with our exhibition at the annual Winter Fancy Food Show. Held in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Center only a short distance away from our hotel, the show was exciting, busy, and filled with unique specialty food vendors from all over the world.

The traffic at the show was incredible – much busier than any of our past Fancy Food Shows – with lots of new booths showcasing innovative products. Among the most unique foods we saw were chips made with bug (cricket) protein and a guava jam block paired with cheddar cheese. The bug chips were surprisingly delicious, and the guava-jam pairing was the best we’ve ever tasted! There were even separate sections representing foods and drinks from different states and countries. We love that this show has so much to explore.

At the show, we successfully launched our new Premium and Ceremonial grades of Matcha, both now endorsed by the Tea Master of the prestigious Urasenke Tea School in Japan. We made the switch because currently there are no government regulations in the US for Matcha quality, which can allow for low quality/non-authentic Matcha grades to be sold as higher grades. We hope that by having this endorsement, consumers will be able to purchase our Matcha with confidence in its authenticity and quality. (Read more on our switch here.) Along with our new Urasenke Matcha, we gave out samples of our new organic Japanese green tea bags, along with our classic iced Matcha lattes and iced Matcha To Go. We were happy to see many of the attendees stopping by every day, and sometimes even multiple times a day for their Matcha fix.

This show was our busiest among past Fancy Food Shows, and it was also a great show for Matcha in general. While we have seen more and more people becoming familiar with Matcha, it seems like Matcha’s popularity has grown even further. We heard more “I LOVE Matcha!” and “I drink Matcha all the time!” than we’ve ever heard before at any show. We love that Matcha is such a trending product now. It’s crazy to see how far Matcha has come since 2014 when it first started trending, and we hope it will keep growing in 2016.

Next up, the Natural Products Expo in Anaheim- see you all then!