2016 seems to be flying by, and we noticed that it’s been a little while since we’ve written a blog post for you. Here at the Aiya office, we’ve been working on making big improvements to our website, but now that it has officially launched, we bring our blog post hiatus to a close. With that said, we’d love to take the chance to recap and highlight some exciting things that happened at the annual World Tea Expo in early June.

Similar to last year, we had a large 20x20 island booth set up right in front of the main entrance, where we sampled out our tea lattes, iced Matcha, and hot teas. Because of the larger size of the booth, we were able to sample out all three flavors of our Zen Café Blend as iced lattes- Matcha, Rooibos, and Black Tea. Attendees seemed to love the lattes, as they are a quick and healthy option for their cafes and restaurants.

One of the most exciting things we did this year was host the show’s first ever “Cooking with Matcha” event, where we demonstrated how to make various foods and drinks with Matcha, along with sharing tips and tricks for having a successful first attempt. Did you know that you only need about 1-2 Tbsp of Cooking Grade Matcha to flavor an entire batch of baked goods, and that baking them at lower temperatures preserve the green hue better? Some people were pleasantly surprised at this fact, and we love that we were able to provide some new, useful information. Not only that, but attendees got to sample the goodies we made on stage, such as Matcha chocolate chip cookies and Matcha buttercream frosting. Seeing everyone’s smiling faces was the icing on the cake! Overall, the turnout was great and attendees even stopped by afterward to chat more.

Overall, this was another great show, and we hope that we have something even more exciting for 2017. Seeing Matcha become more integrated into the North American market is such a treat for us, and we hope that by next year, Matcha will be as common as Chai!