After an eventful few days in Philadelphia for the World Tea East show, the Aiya team returns to California with fun memories and great news! In addition to meeting tons of new people, our Matcha Infused Genmaicha took first place in the Buyer’s Choice Awards! To celebrate this happy news, we would love to offer you a discount on this tea. From now until November 1st, you can save on Aiya's award winning Matcha Infused Genmaicha!


Codes below:

Consumers: Use code "BuyersChoice" at checkout for 20% off all sized of Matcha Infused Genmaicha.

Wholesale: Use code "WHBuyersChoice" at checkout for 10% off all sizes of Matcha Infused Genmaicha.


*Discount codes are only valid for their respective online store sections and 80g/500g bags of  conventional Matcha infused Genmaicha.  All other products and varieties of loose leaf tea are excluded from this offer.  Aiya reserves the right to change the details of or terminate this promotion without prior written notice.

Aiya Matcha Infused Genmaicha - The Buyers Best Choice