This past weekend (the weekend of October 19th, 2013) the Aiya sales team split in two and traveled across North America to present at two trade shows - World Tea East in Atlanta, Georgia and Canadian Coffee & Tea in Vancouver, British Columbia.  We covered a lot of ground but in the end Aiya was very well represented all over North America! For the Canadian Coffee & Tea show, Aiya sales representative Daniel Coniglio flew solo up to Vancouver to assist our Canadian partners Gerhards at their booth.  Gerhards imports a number of delicious products for use in food service and a show like Canadian Coffee & Tea in particular highlights the versatility Gerhards can bring to a cafe owner.  Aiya is proud to be able to say that our Matcha is one of the things Gerhards carries. No matter the show, the busiest corner of the already buzzing Gerhards booth is always the one dedicated to Aiya.  At this year's show our menu included two drinks that paired perfectly with the chilly weekend in Vancouver - Matcha lattes and hot Ceremonial Matcha.  While in years past Matcha lattes have been the clear favorite of the coffee community, it is great to see an increasing number of people asking to try the pure ceremonial and really learn to appreciate Matcha in its purest, cleanest form.  We were excited to have met with so many coffee and tea shop owners looking to expand their horizons into the realm of Matcha and teas as a whole! Aiya will be traveling to Canada again in 2014 to go to the CRFA and present with Gerhards again.  We encourage our Canadian fans to keep an eye on our weekly newsletter and social networks for more details as the show approaches!