Earlier this week, we just wrapped up participating in the Natural Product Expo West 2012 Show in Anaheim, CA.  Disney is right next door to the convention center but from March 9th - 11th NPEW was the most fun in Anaheim!  It  had been cold during the week but for the weekend of the show, there was a nice warm weather front moving through Southern California so in addition to traditional, hot ceremonial Matcha, we sampled a simple and refreshing Matcha smoothie. Compared to 5 years ago, it seems like knowledge about Matcha and appreciation of Matcha has really grown.  Many people came to our booth and in addition to knowing about Matcha, they drink it themselves regularly!  We even had the chance to meet one girl in her early teens who not only knew what matcha was but was excited to enjoy both types of Matcha samples we were serving  at the show.  It is great to see that even kids are learning to appreciate Matcha! If you live in the Southern California area or are going to be attending the show next year, come check out our booth for traditional Matcha and delicious Matcha-based drinks!