Last week the Aiya team flew out to Las Vegas for the Supply Side West Expo being held at the Sands Expo Convention Center. The showroom floor was open for two days, November 14th and 15th.  The show felt rather short because we are used to attending shows that are either three or four days long. Supply Side West is one of the biggest conventions that we attend every year. The show itself attracts a lot of ingredient companies and companies that tend to be in the nutraceutical market. Many big clients looking for what's new and hot on the market usually come to this show. All the companies that exhibit at this show are usually companies that are behind the scene of a lot of products on the market so the everyday consumer would not be familiar with most of the companies if they were to see a list of the exhibitors. Matcha at first glance may not seem like it would be a good fit for the nutraceutical industry because it is tea, but since Matcha has many health benefits it can easily transfer over to the nutraceutical industry. Matcha is packed full of anti-oxidants, natural energy, and a number of other benefits. Being that Matcha is in powder form it can be used in products like capsules, energy bars, protein shakes/powders, you name it. The great thing about Matcha is that it is also all natural unlike tea extracts which make it more desirable as well. During the show we showcased our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend by making Matcha smoothies and we sampled our Matcha To Go with our Iced Matcha Tea and Matcha Lemonade. We also had tea flavored chocolates for attendees to try made by one of our customers based in Vancouver, Canada by the name of Thomas Haas. We tried to highlight the versatility of Matcha and the many uses it has. It may because the show was only two days long so people had less time to parade around and had to really hit the showroom floor. Additionally this year we had many of our current customers attend Supply Side West and stop by at our booth. It was nice to meet people in person and put faces to the names we have been communicating with for so long. The end of this show marked the end of trades shows for us until the start of next year as the year 2013 starts to wind down. See you next year trade show world and happy holidays.