The Aiya sales team traveled to Boston this past weekend to present at the Specialty Coffee Association of America 2013 Event- AKA the SCAA Event. The SCAA Event is a gathering of some of the biggest names in coffee such as Gevalia, Dunkin' Donuts, Kuerig, Green Mountain Coffee, Monin Syrups, Starbucks, and others with  business local to the event and guests from all over the world.  Much like the World Tea shows do for tea, the SCAA Event brings together people to share ideas and new coffee products to keep up to date on what is going on and may be upcoming in the industry.  For us, it was particularly nice to see even more tea companies with booths and attendees interested in tea when compared to previous years.  The coffee industry and tea industry are both really hitting their stride in working together to provide full, diverse menus to consumers. While we do not do coffee or any coffee products specifically, we have been thrilled to see Matcha in particular making headway into the coffee industry in all the ways it can be used - smoothies, lattes, breads, cookies, cakes, etc.  As the world's largest producer of Matcha green tea, we love to attend events like the SCAA so we can continue to support this harmonious trend of coffee and tea working together.  We particularly enjoy hearing the feedback of show attendees with varying degrees of Matcha knowledge from those shop owners who already serve it to people who have only vaguely heard  the word.  Most surprising for us this year was the number of people who were interested in serving pure Ceremonial Matcha just as hot tea in their coffee shops; it is a sign of just how more this versatile tea has been accepted by North Americans when compared to years past. For pictures of the show floor and event, please see below.

Finally, we would be extremely remiss to write about the SCAA and the city of Boston in light of what happened just after the show ended as if nothing happened.  While our sales team had already left the city before the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon the very next day, our thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston and everyone affected by this tragedy.  We hope that those responsible are swiftly brought to justice so the City of Boston can begin to heal and move forward from these senseless acts.