Last week the Aiya America team ventured up to San Francisco to attend the Winter Fancy Food Show. This is the second time we have attended this show. It's a fun show with a good amount of attendees and in a great city. San Francisco is a fun city to visit and always offers new places to see and explore. As for the show it was pretty busy. It appears that the Winter Fancy Food Show is growing with exhibitors as they opened up more halls in the convention center to allow more companies to find room to exhibit. The show always offer a diverse group of interested parties as people from large companies, specialty shops, restaurants, or simple everyday consumers will stop by and see what you have to offer up to the public. In San Francisco despite the weather being a little warmer than we remembered it being last year we offered up two hot drinks for attendees to sample. We sampled our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha lattes. The response was very positive and many people at least heard of Matcha even if they were not educated in what it was exactly. The fact that Peet's Coffee had recently launched a Matcha latte at their stores had a huge part in helping promote Matcha green tea. Peet's biggest market is the bay area as the main headquarters is stationed up in the bay area. They had a huge campaign to promote their new drink in their stores which in turn increased the awareness of Matcha green tea. We are happy to see Matcha growing in the mainstream market as it brings more awareness to general public. These are big steps that help Matcha green tea grow in the US market as well as tea in general. So far the start of the new year has started out with a bang for us at Aiya America with an excellent showing at the Winter Fancy Food Show. We hope that this is a precursor on what to expect as we push to educate the public about the wonders that is Matcha green tea.