In addition to its ongoing dedication to its customers, Aiya is strongly dedicated to both its local community and the world community as a whole.  As the first Matcha producer to start cultivating organic varieties of Matcha, our farmers have long employed ecologically sustainable farming practices in Nisho when growing our tea.  Tea farms in Nishio are recognized as some of the most pure in the world thanks in part to the policies enacted by Aiya and our farmers who rigorously adhere to them.

Aiya also dedicates a good deal of time and energy to replenishing natural resources and giving back to the world community as a whole.  Aiya employees volunteer their time to participate in biyearly trips to South East Asia to physically go and assist in planting mangrove trees.  They have been consistently doing this since 2001 and to date a total of 285 Aiya employees have traveled to the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia to plant over 48,600 mangrove trees!

For the 2013 trip, two teams from Aiya went to Mahanai Island in the Philippines to contribute to the planting effort.  The first team went from September 19th to the 23rd and second team went from October 3rd to the 7th.  In total, 35 members from Aiya helped plant a total of 7,800 trees over the course of those 10 days.  The second team even included the president of Aiya Japan himself (pictured below, center)! Aiya takes great pride in holding itself to the highest standards in social responsibility and being able to give back to the world that gives so much to us all.  We are looking forward to volunteer again in 2015!