The Aiya team recently attended the IFT 2012 trade show in Las Vegas. The IFT trade show is one of the big ingredient trade shows in the US. The show itself was pretty busy for an ingredient show, especially on the first day. We almost could not keep up with making samples for all the people that were stopping by our booth. This time around at IFT we were sampling  the new trade show favorite, Matcha lemonade, Matcha ice cream, and 3 tea based chocolates; Matcha, Chai, and Rooibos. The show itself was good, and there are some good leads that may yield some potential for big business in the future. For the Aiya team it was almost like we hadn't left Las Vegas because we were just there 2-3 weeks prior to IFT attending the World Tea Expo. Next year IFT 2013 will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago.