Aiya is proud to announce that it has received an AIB (American Institute of Baking) Superior Certification for the seventh year in a row! Awarded to manufacturers who meet the highest standards in food processing, food safety, and production technique, this certification is not only an honor, but a reflection of our longstanding dedication to our quality.

“Receiving a Superior Rating of 945/1000 is such an honor because the quality and safety of our Matcha has always been so important to us. With Matcha increasing in popularity, we’ve unfortunately seen a lot of Matchas originating from other regions that do not possess the same quality as ones grown in Japan. We recognize this and understand that we need to push safety and quality even more. This certification allows our customers peace of mind knowing that our products are genuine and manufactured with the utmost care. As the world continues to globalize and companies draw ingredients from all over, knowing the origin and quality of what you consume is an absolute necessity."