Last weekend a couple members of the Aiya America team flew up to Toronto to attend and exhibit at the Canadian Coffee & Tea show. Aiya flew up to support our Canadian importers, Gerhards Canada. Aiya America was also a product sponsor for the show this year and we had a display showcasing our products. Typically Aiya only samples one drink when we attend trade shows in Canada due to limited table space, but this time around we made sure to sample both our Ceremonial Matcha and Matcha lattes. The size of the show was very misleading this year. The showroom floor looked smaller compared to last year but there was tons of traffic and and interest in Matcha and tea in general. More and more attendees seem to have knowledge of Matcha or at least an awareness about Matcha. Tea is a growing market in Canada and it seemed like there were even more tea companies this year compared to last year. The ratio of tea companies to coffee companies was about 50/50. Matcha and tea have a good future in Canada as more cafes and restaurants are looking to expand their offerings as the market continues grow as well as people's interest. According to owners of the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, "More than 300 companies represented on the show floor and just under 2000 attendees." Next year the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

PS- Aiya America was recently featured in Gerhards' Cafe Trends Newsletter