This year IFT was held in Chicago at McCormick Place. Being that IFT's main headquarters is in Chicago there was a much bigger turnout in the amount of companies that exhibited during the show as well as attendees. Last year's IFT show in Las Vegas didn't have nearly as big of a turnout as this year. It also helps having a nice big venue like McCormick Place to host such an event. The Aiya team is no stranger to McCormick Place as we have attended and exhibited during other shows there before. In fact we exhibited at the NRA show which was held at McCormick Place in May so it almost feels like we were just in Chicago. IFT stands for the Institute of Food Technologies and this show showcases ingredient companies, formulation companies, etc. Aiya main business has always been providing Matcha green tea as an ingredient to companies that use it to make their own Matcha green tea flavored products, so naturally we would be exhibiting at such a show. The traffic during the show was great and very steady. In the past we often see such shows really busy the first day and then dramatically decrease in the days after, but the IFT show in Chicago had good steady traffic throughout the whole show. We featured and sampled our Matcha To Go product in our water dispensing machines. With out Matcha To Go product we offered a unsweetened ice Matcha drink as well as a Matcha lemonade drink. Additionally during this show to highlight Match's ability to be used as an ingredient we offered tea flavored chocolates; Matcha Chocolate, Rooibos Chocolate, and Chai Chocolate. Interest for Matcha amongst bigger companies seems to be growing, so there could be a lot of new exciting things on the horizon as Matcha has much more room for growth in the market place.