Just this past week, the Aiya America team flew out to Baltimore, Maryland for our first ever Natural Products Expo East held at the Baltimore Convention Center. It was a very exhilarating trip for us because although we have been exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West for the past couple of years in Anaheim, this was our very first time at the NPEE.

This expo definitely matched our excitement with its incredible turn out. What an extremely busy and exciting show this was, with over 4000 product booths. In fact, they had so many booths that they had to split up the exhibition onto two floors, with various products lined up from food and drinks to cosmetics, and even pet food.

Our main business has always been more for companies that use Matcha as an ingredient in their Matcha-flavored products, but we have recently started to expand our business to consumers, creating more consumer-friendly products such as the Matcha-To-Go Sticks and the Zen Café Blend. The Natural Products Expo East was also a great endeavor for Aiya America because we met many brokers, which means that there is a good chance that we could expand.

During the show, we sampled out our Matcha-To-Go Sticks and a Matcha green tea latte featuring our Zen Café Blend, along with our Ceremonial grade Matcha. These samples were all a great hit, getting warm compliments all around. Because Matcha has a deep green color, people often mentioned that they expected a bitter taste, yet were pleasantly surprised by the smooth, mild taste of Matcha.

Something else we thought was very exciting was the amount of products at the expo that were made using Matcha. During the show, we saw Matcha flavored snacks, Matcha flavored coffee, and even Matcha flavored coconut water. It’s great to see Matcha expanding and getting so popular—make sure to jump on this trend while it’s still hot!

After the show, we were able to explore Baltimore a bit, eating delicious seafood and even going to a baseball game. Though the wait for the food was a bit long, the food was definitely worth it. Overall, we had a great time in Baltimore and the show was a great experience for us, as we got to see many trending products and meet tons of new people from the east coast. We’re very eager to come back next year to see what the Natural Products Expo East 2015 has in store for us.