Aiya America just got back from the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show in Vancouver that happened October 2nd and 3rd. It was a pleasant surprise seeing how many tea exhibitors were at the show. We thought that the exhibitors were going to be primarily coffee companies. This just goes to show you that tea is slowly infiltrating North America and is growing in popularity. North Americans are traditionally coffee drinkers but slowly the tide might change. Matcha too seems to be slowly gaining traction in Canada. We met quite a few people interested in learning about Matcha and how they can utilize Matcha in there cafe. But many people were mentioning that they notice an increase demand for Matcha in Canada and peoples familiarity with Matcha seems to be on the rise. People seem to be really taking notice of how great Matcha is not only because of its nutritional properties but because its tastes great and is a very versatile tea. To our surprise many people at the show were interested in pure Matcha or using it for culinary purposes in desserts. Before returning to Los Angeles we made a quick detour to Edmonton for a business meeting. While in town we stopped by a local tea shop that served Matcha. It was beautifully prepared to us and just tasted absolutely divine. It was a real treat to be able to enjoy a nice hot cup of Matcha amongst the cool weather in Emdonton. All in all the trip to Canada was great and it was a pleasure to be able to visit there.