A couple of us from Aiya-America attended the CRA foodservice show in Toronto that was on March 4th-6th. It was held at the Direct Energy Center in downtown Toronto. This is the first time I had been Toronto. It was still cold in Toronto, but even more so for us since we live in the Los Angeles area. We are spoiled with great weather pretty much all year round and it doesn't get too cold. The weather dropped as low as 8°F and meanwhile in Los Angeles I heard it was around 80°F. The show itself started out slow in the beginning of the day, but would later pick up and get more busy. Matcha seems to be catching in in Canada. More and more people seem to at least know or heard of Matcha. We sampled Matcha latte during the show. I wish we had enough space to actually serve both traditional Matcha and Matcha lattes. It seems that more people are even interested in trying it the traditional way. I think next time in Canada we are going to try and sample the traditional Matcha as well. I think its good for people to try both a sweet modern version of Matcha along side the traditional one so they can see and taste the difference, and also understand Matcha more. We did have a special treat this time around at the show. A local bakery in Toronto called Miss Cora's Kitchen basked some Matcha cupcakes and we were sampling them at the show so people can see the many uses of Matcha and to actually be able to try something sweet that used Matcha. All in all Canada is still learning about Matcha but it seems like the interest in Matcha in growing and expanding which is great!