World Tea Expo Banner

This year at the World Tea Expo, Aiya will not only be participating, but will be a Gold Sponsor. For years, we have been partaking in the event as exhibitors and speakers. Being a Gold Sponsor will give Aiya the chance to educate and introduce Matcha to new tea enthusiasts in the world as it slowly gains recognition in North America.

Dating over 700 years, Matcha has a long history in Japan. The Japanese have been enjoying this fine tea and its health benefits for ages. In modern society, Matcha can be seen everywhere from coffee shops to tea houses to restaurants. Also, this tea can be enjoyed in other non-conventional ways such as smoothies, lattes, iced tea, cake, and other culinary creations.

By becoming a Gold Sponsor, we hope to continue to introduce and educate people on the perks of this versatile tea. Although Matcha is still relatively new, we hope that it will eventually become as common as coffee.