A couple of weeks back, we exhibited at the 2014 IFT Show. This year it was held in New Orleans, or as some like to refer as the ‘Big Easy.’ The previous IFT Show was held in Chicago and the year before that, it was in Las Vegas. So the show has been in different locations the past few times, possibly to keep it fresh and exciting. The IFT Show is an ingredient show, so it would be fitting that Aiya would be exhibiting there. Our main business has always been providing Matcha green tea as an ingredient, from which companies can create their own exciting and delicious Matcha green tea flavored products. IFT stands for the Institute of Food Technologies and this show showcases ingredient companies, formulation companies, etc. The traffic at the show was quieter compared to other shows we exhibit at throughout the year. The reason being, the IFT Show focuses on a smaller group of companies, as opposed to other shows that focus on the retail and consumer market side. That being said, the attendance was steady and fairly busy on the first weekday of the show. We featured and sampled our Matcha To Go, making chilled Matcha green tea. We also used our Matcha Zen Café Blend to make Iced Matcha green tea lattes. Additionally, we had Matcha chocolate out to taste for the attendees, which is made by one of our customers. Overall, the show went well and we were successful in showcasing the versatility of Matcha green tea as an ingredient. We met many representatives from companies looking to use Matcha green tea in new products. We noticed that the nutritional benefits of Matcha green tea is the focus for many upcoming products such as power bars, protein powders and energy supplements. We are definitely seeing the interest in Matcha green tea growing with bigger companies and with the public in general. We wait in anticipation of new and exciting Matcha green tea products hitting the market in the near future.