This past weekend the Japanese American National Museum once again hosted the Los Angeles International Tea Festival and Aiya was there. This is the second year in a row Aiya America has presented at the festival as a gold sponsor. If you are unfamiliar with the festival, it is a smaller scale event featuring around 15 vendors that specialize in tea.  While only two days long, each day is filled with educational presentations from vendors to share knowledge and information about tea with the attendees. The festival is open to the general public and usually attracts a pretty nice size crowd.  Aiya enjoys taking part in this festival since it is local to us and we are always excited to talk with people face-to-face.  This is especially true when those people are from your own backyard. This year we sampled our Ceremonial Matcha and made Matcha smoothies using our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend.  Matcha samples were flying off the trays as we could barely make drinks fast enough to keep up with the traffic!  The LA Tea Festival is always a great way to spread love of Matcha to a larger audience and introduce Matcha. During the show on Saturday, Aiya's very own James Oliveira led a presentation that focused on explaining the differences between good quality and poor quality Matcha.  He also gave attendees some helpful tips on to what to look for when buying Matcha as there is a lot of misinformation on the web.  If one doesn't properly understand what to look for, especially if they are new to Matcha, they may get poor quality Matcha and have a bad experience, resulting in them having an unfavorable view of Matcha. We hope that everyone that attended the Los Angeles International Tea Festival enjoyed the day and had a good time. We would also especially like to thank everyone that stopped by our booth!  See you next year!!