Dedicated to giving back to the world, Aiya team members and a select group of Nishio farmers have been travelling to Southeast Asia to help with the reforestation of mangrove and mahogany forests since 2001. Biennially, the Aiya team and a select group of Nishio farmers take two weeks from their work schedule to volunteer with members of the local community to plant trees.


Below is a list of previous trips:

  • 2001: Philippines, 40 people, 6,300 mangroves
  • 2003: Thailand, 40 people, 12,300 mangroves
  • 2005: Indonesia, 60 people, 4,200 mahoganies
  • 2007: Thailand, 60 people, 1,300 mangroves
  • 2009: Malaysia, 50 people, 5,000 mangroves 


Last month, a total of 36 volunteers from Aiya Japan traveled to Indonesia to plant mangrove trees. They successfully planted approximately 6,000 mangrove trees for the year of 2011.

Reforestation of these rain forests is critical because much of them have been cleared. As a result, many species of flora, fauna, insects, and birds have become extinct. Not only that, but the roots of the mangrove trees also help protect the coastline from erosion, storms, and tsunamis!

Efforts to replant and replenish these trees are extremely important for our environment—especially for the forests. To help give back to our environment and prevent global warming, we will continue to invest our time into these events.