This past weekend James from team Aiya America attended the Aspen Food & Wine Classic. This was a last minute decision as we were invited to attend this show. We were first weary if it was worth the Aspen Food & Wine Classic because we have not attended a show like it before. Also we didn't know what kind of traffic we would attract during the show. Would it be slow, or busy? The show seem to be well worth it. Despite looking rather small, the tasting sessions during the show were packed full attendees and the Aiya table got lots of traffic and many curious attendees eager to drink and devour our Matcha lemonades. Everyone that tried our concoction loved it and often came back for seconds, thirds or even more throughout the event. Others recommended and refereed their friends to stop by and try the delicious and refreshing Matcha lemonade. Many people wanted to buy up our products at the show or asked where they could purchase them. The ultimate compliment was when a few attendees said that, "This is the best drink at the show." and, "There are only 2 things I want to buy from the show, and Matcha is one of them." Almost all the attendees that stopped by at the Aiya table have never heard of Matcha, so it was a great opportunity to educate many people and introduce them to Matcha green tea. Aspen itself is a beautiful town. This was my first time ever being in Aspen, let alone the state of Colorado. I would definitely like to come visit Aspen again.