Being that Aiya is located in the Los Angeles area we thought we share a couple places in the LA area that have Matcha.

One such cafe is the Urth Caffe. They have 4 locations in the LA area. We happened to stop by the location that's located in Downtown LA near the arts district. Urth Caffe is serving up Matcha the right way. They serve it in banana smoothies, Matcha lattes, traditional Matcha, and even in several desserts like a Matcha tiramisu. Urth Caffe isn't just a typical cafe but they also have great desserts and food, its more like a restaurant. Unlike your typical major chain coffee shops they actually have a kitchen and prepare your food, its not just brought in frozen and defrosted or some sandwich they heat up in the microwave. The Matcha latte at Urth Caffe was delicious, along with the food. When you order a latte they do latte art. I've read that if you ask nice enough you can request Hello Kitty so naturally I had to ask for it. You can get the Matcha latte sweetened or unsweetened. They use vanilla syrup to sweeten it, and we ordered it sweetened. Personally if I am drinking a latte or smoothie then I want it sweet, but if I am drinking traditional tea then it'll be unsweetened. Along with lunch we also got a Matcha tiramisu that looked and tasted fabulous.

The Detox Market is another local retail shop that carries Matcha. The Detox Market is all about having organic beauty, health and wellness products. Its a natural fit for them to sell Matcha for all its wonderful health benefits and they do say it helps detoxify you, which is befitting of the name "The Detox Market." Their store is located on Beverly Blvd. in West Hollywood and they have another location in San Francisco.

Finally Matcha Source is another retail shop located on 3rd Street in West Hollywood. You should stop by and meet store owner Alissa White. She is very passionate about Matcha and can give you a demonstration in store. She originally had a popup store in New York that served Matcha drinks that lasted for about 6 weeks.