In our continuing mission to spread awareness and knowledge about Matcha, we have become an Official Product Sponsor of The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show. Every day, we continue to see Matcha grow in popularity. To keep this momentum going, we will do everything we can to ensure that the words "Matcha" and "Aiya" are always at the forefront of new and exciting drink discussions.

We hope that by sponsoring The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, we can continue to introduce new and existing customers alike to the many, ever changing ways you can enjoy this tea. It is our mission to properly educate everyone about Matcha. We believe the best way to educate is by providing the best quality Matcha, along with answers to any questions that may come up.

Although Matcha is still a relatively new concept, green tea based drinks and traditional Matcha continue to appear on menus of all varieties of restaurants, tea houses, and coffee shops throughout North America. We hope it is not long until the day everyone has a container of Matcha in their kitchens and a cup of morning Matcha!