Last week a couple members of the Aiya team ventured up north to help exhibit with our Canadian Importer Gerhard's at the CRFA Toronto show. The CRFA Show is the biggest restaurant show in Canada.  This show is great for us to help us penetrate the food service and restaurant market by introducing Matcha green tea to them. The east coast market in Canada is a little behind the west coast area when it comes to Matcha green tea. During the show we sampled our traditional Matcha green tea and for the first time in Canada our Matcha lemonade. The Matcha lemonade went over very well in Canada. Matcha lemonade is based on the idea of an Arnold Palmer which contains half lemonade and half ice tea, but instead of using black tea we use Matcha green tea. It's actually interesting to note that so many people in Canada are unfamiliar with what an Arnold Palmer drink is and need an explanation as to what is an Arnold Palmer. We typically get the same response when people try the Matcha lemonade, they always feel that its "really refreshing." I think the Matcha lemonade drink is a prime example that you can do anything with Matcha since you can essentially mix it with anything you desire. You're only limited by what your mind can imagine. It appears eastern Canada is taking notice and opening up to the potentials of Matcha and a new ingredient for both drink and food.