This past weekend was the Natural Products Expo West and Engredea show. Every year it is held at the Anaheim Convention Center. Its always a a great show and a extremely busy one at that. Every year it seems to just grow and become bigger and bigger. The amount of exhibitors at the show is just crazy. All main halls from hall A-E were full, they even used a exhibit hall that was below ground, they had another room up on the third floor, and they started to expand into the neighboring stadium. The show itself is always fun to walk around and check out the new trends are, and to see what new products some of your favorite companies have or are coming out with soon. You can find everything in the natural category whether it be food, drink, cosmetics, personal care, and even pet care. This is one of the biggest shows that Aiya America attends every year. The amount of attendees and traffic are off the charts and its a good way to build awareness of your brand and products. Since last year we've been setting up a booth on both the Natural Products Expo side to engage the consumers as well as a booth on the Engredea side that is more focused on ingredients and connecting with manufacturers or other businesses. During the show we sampled our Ceremonial Matcha in making traditional Match tea as well as a Matcha green tea smoothie using soy milk. In addition to that on the Endgredea side we showcased chocolates utilizing our Matcha green tea, black tea powder, and rooibos powder as an ingredient. The show itself seem to pass in a blur as it was really busy. Now that it is over its time to recover from the madness. We're eager to see if the Natural Products Expo West and Engredea show will continue to grow in size, and whether they have already hit there limit.