Hello everyone! Everyone gearing up for Mother's day weekend? The Aiya America team just recently came back from the NRA 2012 Show in Chicago. This was the first time we attended such a show and it was a huge show. One of the biggest we've attended. When we say NRA we don't mean the "National Rifle Association" but the "National Restaurant Association." This is one of, if not biggest restaurant shows. Surprisingly Bill Clinton was a guess speaker this year at the show, although none of us on the Aiya America team attended his speech because we were so busy. At the show we were showcasing our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend/Pre-Mix product since it is tailor-made for foodservice. We made Matcha smoothies and we debuted a new creation, the Matcha lemonade. The Matcha lemonade stole the show as everyone just loved it. They were a little worry of the green color at first but when they tried it they were surprised by how well it tasted. It just goes to show you that the possibilities are only limited by one's imagination. The Matcha lemonade seem to also appeal to many because it is very, very simple and easy to make. The NRA Show went well for us and I think its a great opportunity to increase the reach of Matcha green tea to a bigger audience through restaurants and hotels. We hope that the show turns out to be fruitful and we can get Matcha more into the mass market and allow a wider audience to enjoy our fabulously delicious Matcha green tea. Chicago itself is a great city. It was my first time visiting it and I am sure the same could be said for the others at Aiya America that were attending the NRA Show. I was really impressed by the architecture and how nice the city of Chicago looked. I think we happened to also go during the perfect time weather wise. Not too cold and we came before it started to get humid. While in town we had the opportunity to have so delicious deep dish pizza. We even had a chance to attend a baseball game and watch the Chicago Cubs beat the Atlanta Braves at Wrigley Field. We also had a pleasant surprise as the president of Aiya America flew into Chicago. It was great because my co-worker and I had not had the pleasure of meeting him as of yet. Everyone at Aiya America went out to dinner with the president and he even attended the NRA show for one day before having to fly back to Japan. Chicago itself was great, and I would love to visit again in the future. Aiya America will also be attending the NRA show again next year.