The Aiya team just recently exhibited at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago from May 18th-21st. This show is the biggest restaurant show in the US. It attracts a lot of attendees and has a lot of high profile presenters. Some of the presenters this year included; Howard Schultz, Anthony Bourdain, Robert Irvine, etc. This show was a big moment for us because we debuted a new product that we hope to finalize and have out in the marketplace in the next couple of months, our Matcha 2 Go product. The idea behind this product is to package Matcha into single serve packets that can be used to take on the go and can be used in a water bottle or to make a traditional style bowl of Matcha at the office without the utensils. We found that many products are the market had Matcha that clumped and were not easy to work with which defeated the convenience aspect of the idea. Our Matcha 2 Go on the other hand makes it easier to make a  smoother consistent drink. In addition to our Matcha 2 Go we are offering a bigger size pack for those that wish to use it in the foodservice or restaurant industry. For the NRA Show we actually used a water dispensing machine for iced Matcha green tea, this is a similar piece of equipment that might be found at a restaurant. We found that many people enjoyed iced Matcha and were quite a few were surprised that it can be served cold because they only had it in the traditional hot tea format. The iced Matcha seemed to be a real hit. The last day we even experimented with adding a mint flavor to the iced Matcha which was a popular item too. To accompany the iced Matcha drink we had also offered up a Matcha lemonade. The Matcha lemonade is always a hit and many people are surprised by how delicious and refreshing it tastes. The next show we will be exhibiting at will be the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas coming up on June 7th-9th. We plan on sampling our iced Matcha using our new Matcha 2 Go product as well as other tasty Matcha and tea beverages.