The Aiya team recently traveled to Portland to attend the SCAA 2012 show. Its the biggest coffee show in the USA. The majority of the exhibitors at the show were coffee companies, but there were some tea companies and other type of companies exhibiting as well. Tea seems to be growing and coffee chains and roasters seem to be expanding their products to include tea. They are slowing embracing tea as they see it rise in popularity. However Matcha is still a brand new item for many as they are still learning much about what Matcha is and its many health benefits. Not to mention the plethora of ways you can enjoy and consume Matcha. We hope to see our Matcha Zen Café Blend (Pre-Mix) in more cafes and its fabulous to see more and more cafes offer a drink featuring Matcha, whether it be a Matcha latte or a Matcha smoothie of some kind. Portland itself is a beautiful city. For us it was our first time visiting Portland and we found the city to be great. Definitely a city worth traveling to again.