Last week the Aiya America team exhibited at the Supply Side West Expo that took place at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. The exhibition hall was open for two days from November 7th-8th. For those unfamiliar with this trade show, it is a ingredient trade show. This show is pretty big with hundreds, maybe thousands of companies exhibiting. Many of these companies are also in the nutraceutical business, meaning that they are either manufacturers or ingredient suppliers to make healthy products such as; supplements, drinks, pills, etc. Matcha itself is a pretty versatile product. It can be used for just drinking regular traditional tea. It can be used in foodservice applications like; Matcha smoothies, Matcha lattes, baked goods, and other culinary creations. Matcha can also be used as an ingredient for other companies to make their own products whether it be a ready-to-drink product, energy bar, sports powder drink, candy, chocolates, ice cream, etc. For this show in particular we wanted to showcase the different uses of Matcha as an ingredient. At our booth we sampled Matcha smoothies, Matcha ice cream, and tea flavored chocolates using our Cooking Grade Matcha, Black Tea powder, and Rooibos powder. The first day of the show was really busy. Busier than expected, and much busier then it was last year. This might be an indicator of the Supply Side West show growing in the amount of attendees. The final day of the show slowed down a bit, but was steady. The show was a great way for us to see some of our current clients face-to-face to further deepen our relationships. It was also a pleasure to meet some of our new clients that have started purchasing with us and hearing about the new products they have in the works using our Matcha. I think showcasing the use of Matcha in several finished products is a great way to help get the gears turning in some people's head on the many uses of Matcha green tea. Matcha is such a unique product that you can pretty much use it in anything one's imagination can come up with. It is exciting to see Matcha grow in the market place as more companies discover the many uses for Matcha.