Over the weekend the Aiya team attended the Western Hospitality & Foodservice Show in Anaheim. This was the second time we exhibited at this show. The previous year the Western Hospitality & Foodservice Show was held in San Diego. Since this was a Foodservice show we were featuring our Matcha Pre-Mix by sampling Matcha smoothies and Matcha lemonade. The show seemed to yield some pretty good traffic for us. We are located locally in Torrance and it is not too far away from Anaheim so it was great being able to see other local business and restaurants. We were familiar with quite a few of the local businesses that were attending the show, and in some cases learned of new businesses that we want to visit in the future. This was also the debut show for our newest team member Brandon. We look forward to attending again next year when the show moves to the L.A. Convention Center. We hope to continue to introduce the locals to delicious Matcha green tea.