Last week was the annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. During the time we were up in San Francisco the weather was beautiful. Usually this time of year San Francisco can be bit chilly, but to our surprise the weather was very mild and pleasant. The weather was perfect to enjoy a relaxing cup of Matcha green tea or a nice warm Matcha latte. The Fancy Food Show is always exciting and you can always expect to have a good show. There is always a good turn out, the exhibitors are great, and plenty of opportunities can present themselves which can make for the start of a good new year. Every year the Winter Fancy Food Show has a great turnout with many exhibitors and plenty of attendees. Being that Matcha is viewed as a superfood, attending a trade show like the Fancy Food Show is a great way for us to meet the type of customers that enjoy Matcha. California is known to be liberal and full of people that tend to seek healthy, alternative ways of living, so San Francisco feels like a natural fit for Matcha. The traffic at our booth is always good at this show, and it's a good way to see people's attitude toward your product up close and learn what new trends may be emerging. For those that love food, the Fancy Food Show is a great opportunity to discover new items and see what items are about to come out onto the market. What is also great is that all these items are available for purchase somewhere on the market. There is always a great mix of different food and beverage items whether you are looking for something healthy, organic, decadent, and so forth. Although Matcha is a healthy product, we like the versatility it has in appealing to various tastes. This year we at Aiya are looking to grow and expand our brand into retail shops. There seems to be many opportunities for us to grow this year and we look forward to being able to provide good-quality Matcha to more people in North America. If the Winter Fancy Food Show is any indicator of how the year will play out, then we are very optimistic for what the year may bring. Matcha still isn't as popular as other superfoods like acai berries, chai seeds, and so forth, but it's still on the rise. 2014 looks like it may be the year for Matcha as even Coca-Cola has named Matcha one of the top 5 trends for 2014.