A couple weeks ago we exhibited and attended the World Tea Expo which was held in Long Beach, CA. In years past the World Tea Expo has always been held in Las Vegas but they decided to switch things up and start rotating the World Tea Expo around different cities. This was great for us as we are local to Long Beach. This show is always good because we get to see a lot of our customers and speak to them face-to-face. While at the show we show cased our new product, Matcha To Go. This product is our new product that comes in a easy to go travel stick pack so you can enjoy Matcha anytime, anywhere without the need to any traditional Matcha tools. We sampled with product using a water bottle to illustrate how easy it is to use this product. Additionally we sampled a traditional hot Matcha tea using our Ceremonial Matcha and a iced Matcha latte using our Matcha Zen Cafe Blend. During this year's show James was a guest speaker and help a focused tasting class where he discussed the keys to Matcha. His lecture focused on the important information you should look for when seeking a supplier. He also went over the different grades of Matcha and there application, as well as how to cup and compare the quality of different Matcha. The lecture seemed to go over very well as many of the students complimented on learning so much about Matcha during the class. Next year we'll see everyone in Philadelphia as that is where the World Tea Expo will be held.