Bulk Matcha Green Tea Powder



As the largest manufacturer of Matcha green tea in the world, Aiya is the key industry leader in Matcha production and supply since first opening its doors in 1888. Known for its innovation, consistent quality, and safety, Aiya is dedicated to using its 130+ years of experience to provide the highest quality Matcha and the most comprehensive Matcha education to the world. Aiya currently supplies Matcha to the world’s largest beverage and confectionery manufacturers, as well as world-class café chains and foodservice businesses. 



Japan produces 100,000 tons of tea every year, of which approximately 2,000 tons is Matcha. That makes Matcha the world’s most precious and unique tea, as it only represents 2% of the world’s annual tea harvest. Aiya’s average production per year reaches over 1000 tons, providing to over 50% of the market.


One of Aiya’s most important goals is to provide consistent quality not only throughout the year, but also every year. Matcha is always manufactured by blending from varieties of Tencha to maximize its quality. Taste, aroma, and color of Matcha are evaluated by tea sommeliers prior to grinding.

Currently, Aiya’s high quality is maintained by two in-house tea sommeliers. With more than 40 years of experience, the blend of Tencha is carefully evaluated and blended to ensure that consistent quality and grades are provided- regardless of the season.


Aiya is the first company in the Matcha industry to carry organic certifications for all international markets. USDA, QAI, OMIC, and JAS certify all organic products for the North America, European, and Japanese markets, respectively. Ensuring global organic recognition, Aiya’s clients are able to sell their wares as certified organic throughout the world.


Aiya offers resource offices throughout the world to support its international clientele. Run by affiliates owned by the parent company, these offices are the point of contact for orders, questions, support, import, and other tea-related solutions. No other manufacturer in this industry can provide comparable support and service. Wherever you are located – with Aiya, you are always buying directly from the source.

Our international offices are located in Europe (Hamburg), The United States (Los Angeles), China (Shanghai) and Japan headquarters (Nishio).


Aiya’s large-scale procurement process ensures consistency and quality. Because Aiya owns over 80% of the harvesting rights to the Nishio tea plantations, it can blend its teas so the final product always conforms to its strict specifications of this high-quality tea. Smaller manufacturers with limited procurement options may be subject to great fluctuations in quality: for example, one abnormal rainstorm could easily ruin the entire annual harvest.

Aiya’s market dominance is further reflected in its capacity. Housing over 1,300 granite grinding mills that are able to operate 24 hours a day, year-round, Aiya is the only company in the world with the capability to procure and manufacture enough Matcha to easily supply the North American, European, and Japanese markets combined.


Aiya continually strives to improve quality by surpassing the FSSC22000 certification standards. Every step of the production process is thoroughly monitored and documented and internal laboratory inspections are conducted to ensure that the final product conforms to our stringent standards prior to shipment. Certification of Analysis reports are submitted to our clients upon request to further guarantee product quality. Aiya holds a number of international certifications that are unmatched in the industry: FSSC22000, AIB (superior), Organic Certification by OMIC & JAS, Kosher, QAI, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Certification.


    Aiya is the pioneer in producing Matcha that is both safe and versatile for all types of food and beverage applications. It is Aiya’s specialty to supply bulk Matcha to major food/beverage manufacturers as both exotic and functional ingredients. To meet the demands for large volumes from food/beverage manufacturers with a reasonable lead time, Aiya provides Matcha in large bulk sized packaging.

    Aiya is also equipped with an in-house laboratory to conduct thorough testing to ensure that the final product meets global food industry standards. As both North American and European headquarters utilize local refrigerated warehouses to maintain the freshness of imported products, this allows Aiya's international clients to receive consistent quality and freshness without the hassle of importing and customs clearance.


    Aiya carries various grades of ingredient Matcha for food, beverage, nutraceutical, and other applications. Aiya's standard package size for bulk Matcha grades are 5 kg x 2 bags per case (10 kg, approx 22 lbs). Once imported, the Matcha is stored and shipped from a refrigerated warehouse in Southern California.


    Aiya offers private label options for clients who would like to have their own branded merchandise. Aiya's collection of Private Label options include a number of its highest quality Matcha and premium loose leaf green tea grades specifically chosen for the North American market. Through Aiya's Private Label Program, our clients are able to sell internationally certified Organic Matcha and Premium Japanese green tea without incurring any certification costs, audit processes, or paperwork with organic agencies.


    Aiya’s Matcha is produced and manufactured in Nishio City - known to be the best location for growing and manufacturing Matcha in the world. With our global offices, Aiya is also #1 in freshness and lead times!


    All Matcha, loose-leaf teas, and accessory products are available for private labeling, complete with several packaging, shipping and product style options. Aiya handles most of the process for you. All you do is choose your tea and create your label design.

    Aiya also offers a Private Label Kit, which guides you through each step to create your own private label branded products. Please contact to request a copy of our Private Label Kit.