Dear Valued Customer and Supplier,

    This letter was created to provide insight on the initiatives Aiya America, Inc. (Aiya Co., Ltd.) has implemented to maintain ongoing operations in response to the current outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

    At Aiya, family, product safety, and health of our employees and community takes top priority. As of today, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at both Aiya America, Inc. and our manufacturing plant Aiya Co., Ltd. (Aiya Japan). We firmly believe that this is directly attributed to the appropriate measures we have taken to protect our employees and prevent the spread of the illness. Below we have outlined some of the risk reduction measures that we have implemented across our facilities to assure continuity of operations.

    As usual, we are implementing good personal and facility hygiene procedures including frequent hand washing, proper sanitizing, and daily cleaning procedures across departments in all facilities.
    Restricting visitors from entering our facilities.
    Reducing the workforce and altering work schedules for some production workers to eliminate overlap in shifts and to reduce chances of transmission.
    Restricting access to some work zones in production sites to limit accessibility to only assigned personnel.
    Monitoring employees' health and asking those with any signs of illness to stay home.
    Providing employees with readily available soap, hand sanitizers, gloves, and face masks to self-protect themselves from any possible contamination.
    Prohibiting all non-critical business travel and suspending all foreign travel.
    Conducting all meetings via teleconference, Skype, or Zoom.
    Requesting employees to limit unnecessary interactions with each other and practice social distancing when on break or lunch.


    Furthermore, on February 27, 2020, the U.S. FDA released a statement indicating that there were no reports to suggest that COVID-19 could be transmitted by food or food packaging.

    If you have further inquiries or need specific information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Fumi Sugita
    Aiya America, Inc.