Cocoa Black Tea Mocha

This simple Cocoa Black Tea Mocha latte features a creamy blend of sweet milk tea and nutty cocoa flavors.

Makes 2 servings.

An original recipe prepared for us by Love & Lemons. 



    • 2 Tbsp Aiya Black Tea Zen Café Blend
    • 3 tsp raw cacao powder
    • 2 cups almond milk, heated


    1. Mix 2 Tbsp of Black Tea Zen Café Blend with 2 tsp raw cacao powder (sift your cacao powder if it’s lumpy).
    2. Pour in 2 cups of (hot) almond milk and whisk until combined.
    3. If the mixture is too thick, strain it through a fine-mesh strainer.
    4. Pour into 2 mugs, enjoy!



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