Matcha vs. Black Tea

May 2, 2017 10:12:48 AM

It may seem like most of the world is too busy drinking coffee these days to notice, but tea is actually the most widely consumed drink in the world (after water)! Full of vitamins and nutrients, tea has always been a delicious beverage staple with staying power.

While it is true that all tea comes from the same plant, this does not necessarily mean that all tea is fundamentally the same. However, when it comes to nutrition, some teas offer more benefits than others. So while black tea may be the more popular and widely used choice for daily drinkers, tea lovers may want to consider adding a bit more Matcha to their diet.

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Aiya at the World Tea Expo 2015

May 21, 2015 10:39:08 AM

Two weeks ago, the Aiya team had the chance to exhibit at the annual World Tea Expo. This show was held at the Long Beach convention center - only a short commute away from our office. As Platinum Sponsors of the show with a large 20’x20’ island booth, this show was very eventful and exciting for us. Not only did we have a huge booth, but we also held a Matcha seminar and participated in the show’s Winner’s Circle tasting event.

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Recipe unblurred 2

With Aiya's new and improved Rooibos and Black Tea Zen Cafe Blend 180g bags, serving specialty drinks at holiday gatherings have never been easier. To promote our newest products, we are excited to share with you a holiday classic with a twist- Black Tea Peppermint Mocha! Who knew cocoa and tea pair so well together?

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Aiya's New Black Tea and Rooibos Zen Cafe Blend 180g bags

Just in time for the holidays, Aiya is excited to announce the launch and sale of our new and improved 180g bags of Black Tea Zen Cafe Blend and Rooibos Zen Cafe Blend! Though the original 1kg size bags were popular among restaurant and drink chains, our smaller 180g bags welcome quick and easy drinks at home. To promote the launch of our newest products, we will be having a sale on ANY size bags of Black Tea Zen Cafe Blend and Rooibos Zen Cafe Blend through the month of December! 

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Supply Side West 2012

Nov 13, 2012 10:07:28 AM

Last week the Aiya America team exhibited at the Supply Side West Expo that took place at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. The exhibition hall was open for two days from November 7th-8th. For those unfamiliar with this trade show, it is a ingredient trade show. This show is pretty big with hundreds, maybe thousands of companies exhibiting. Many of these companies are also in the nutraceutical business, meaning that they are either manufacturers or ingredient suppliers to make healthy products such as; supplements, drinks, pills, etc.  

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