Ceremonial Matcha (30g Tin)


Aiya’s leading product, the Ceremonial Grade Matcha is perfect for daily drinking. 

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  • Perfect for making traditional hot tea ("Usu-cha")
  • Excellent for daily drinking
  • A balanced, sweet flavor for tea lovers


As Aiya’s most popular grade of Matcha, this Ceremonial Grade offers a beautiful jade green color and a mild, natural sweetness. The slight Matcha astringency (from tea catechins) perfectly balances the sweetness (from L-theanine amino acids), making it ideal for Usu-cha, or thin style tea. We call it our “ceremonial” grade because the quality is high enough for formal Japanese tea ceremonies.


All of Aiya’s Matcha is produced in the Nisho region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for over 800 years.

Each 30g (1.1 oz) tin is good for approximately 15 servings.


Click here for Matcha preparation instructions + video! 


Almond/Oat Drink Matcha
Rating :
Aiya's Ceremonial Grade Matcha Tea mixes well with almond or oat milk. I make both hot and cold tea in my consumer grade frother. Really tasty! Sometimes I use sweetened almond/oat drink, other times I'll mix my own ratio. My favorite treat is sweetened oak milk and Aiya Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Best ever!
Rating :
I love mixing Aiya Ceremonial Matcha with warm coconut/almond milk (unsweetened) in the evening. It mixes up easily and smooth. A great way to wind down from a busy day and just relax hugging a mug of deliciousness!
Amazing matcha
Rating :
Some of the best matcha powder I have used. Really amazing flavor. Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to try a fancier tea :) and you can’t beat this price, especially with this quality of matcha. Highly recommended
Rating :
I've tried numerous matcha powders in the last ten years and aiya is the best. You can beat the quality/price. This powder is the clearest, greenest matcha I've found. Blends perfectly and the smooth taste is superb, no bitterness, just lovely. I am excited to try the "premium" but not sure how it can get better than this one! I don't even try any other matchas anymore; aiya is the best!