Organic Ceremonial Matcha Gift Set - Pure White

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Share the gift of good health this holiday season. Surprise that special someone with a Matcha gift set, complete with a tin of Matcha and all the accessories to enjoy Matcha at home.

This Matcha gift set comes with: Organic Ceremonial Matcha & Pure White bowl.

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Aiya branded Matcha gift set contains a 30 gram Matcha tin, whisk, scoop, and Matcha tea bowl along with Aiya’s documentary DVD. This 20 minute DVD covers everything from how to prepare Matcha, how Matcha is manufactured, the health benefits of Matcha, and the history of Aiya and Nishio region.

From Matcha lovers to people who have never tried Matcha before, this Matcha gift set is the perfect gift and contains all of the necessary tools to enjoy Matcha at home.

You can pick your Matcha from 3 grades and from 3 different bowls

Premium Matcha 30 gram tin

Ceremonial Matcha 30 gram tin

Organic Ceremonial Matcha 30 gram tin


Deep Soil tea bowl

Pure White tea bowl

Black Pearl tea bowl


This gift set comes with Organic Ceremonial Matcha and a Pure White Matcha bowl.



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Rating :
Beautiful gift set (for myself!); couldn't feel happier. If you're looking for an elegant Christmas gift for a matcha lover, LOOK NO FURTHER! The white matcha bowl is gorgeous in fact I've been looking for a white one for a long time! The bamboo whisk, in contrast, a bit mediocre; it starts to lose shape after about 10 uses. The matcha is fabulous. Will buy the premium one next time to compare :)