Matcha Whisk

Bamboo whisk, known as "Chasen," used in the Japanese tea ceremony.
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The bamboo whisk, known as “Chasen,” used in the Japanese tea ceremony is perfectly designed and hand crafted from white bamboo to make your traditional style Matcha. The hand carved strands are exquisitely designed to produce the creamiest froth which is essential to traditional style drinking of Matcha. The creaminess of the froth is the mark of well prepared Matcha. 
Whether you drink Matcha everyday or like to have it occasionally, this  whisk is perfect for tea masters, budding tea masters, and Matcha fans alike.
This is highly recommended to maximize your Matcha experience. Pair with a whisk holder to maintain its shape and keep making the best, frothiest matcha possible.

One size


Centre part loosen after a month. Normal?
Rating :
I didn't use any other bamboo whisk before so I have no comparison. The only thing I noticed is that the centre twisted part became loose but it hasn't changed the way it works.

Also the sifter is a must! The whisk itself won't whisk away the clumps but the whisk will give the matcha those nice foam.