Matcha Chocolate Bark

This superfood treat has vibrant colors, amazing textures and rich flavors with plenty of rich superfoods to put an extra smile on your face while you enjoy chocolate!

Makes 16 barks.

An original recipe prepared for us by Two Purple Figs.




    • ¼ cup crushed pistachios
    • ¼ cup sliced almonds
    • ¼ cup goji berries
    • 2 Tbsp chopped dried apricots
    • 2 Tbsp dried wild blueberries
    • ¼ cup chia seeds


    1. Add the white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 45 seconds and whisk it until smooth. Alternatively you can place the white chocolate bowl over a larger bowl with boiling water and whisk it until it melts completely.
    2. Add the Matcha to the melted white chocolate and mix it in until all blended.
    3. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
    4. Take a tablespoon measuring spoon and spoon out a Tbsp at a time on to the parchment paper spacing the Tbsp ½" apart.
    5. The Matcha chocolate will spread out into a circular shape about 1½" in diameter. You can use the back of the Tbsp to even out the tops or edges if you feel you need to.
    6. Start sprinkling the superfood toppings over the smooth Matcha chocolate rounds and let the chocolate set for 30 mins at room temperature of 5 mins in the fridge.
    7. Serve the Matcha chocolate barks and enjoy! Or stack them up in a bag for gifts.

    Note: The Matcha Chocolate barks can be kept in the fridge in an air tight sealed container lined with parchment paper for a month and a half, or at room temperature for three weeks for optimal taste and freshness of the toppings.


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