Matcha Chocolate Ganache Cake

Matcha and chocolate make the perfect pair! This cake could be a wonderful surprise for Valentine’s Day!

Makes 6-7 slices.



    • ¾ cup flour 
    • 1 ¾ Tbsp butter (unsalted)
    • 3 eggs
    •  cup granulated sugar

    Matcha Ganache


    1. Sift the flour to remove any lumps. Melt the butter.
    2. Beat the eggs. Add the sugar and transfer the bowl over a water bath on med-low heat. Beat. Take the eggs off of the heat once they begin to get hot. Continue beating at the same pace. When the entire mixture turns white, raise the beaters from the batter. If the batter falls in ribbons, it is ready.
    3. Gently fold the flour into the beaten eggs and sugar with a plastic spatula, taking care not to deflate them. Fold from the middle of the mixture to the outside in a lifting motion while turning the bowl until the flour is fully incorporated. Mix in the butter until you can no longer see any traces of it.
    4. Pre-heat the oven to 350F. Pour the batter into a baking pan and level the surface out with a rubber spatula. Place in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes.
    5. Break the chocolate up into pieces. Heat the heavy cream over med-low heat. Mix the chocolate, Matcha, and warmed cream together in a bowl until smooth.
    6. Cut the cake into three equal pieces. Shape all three to the same size. Layer the pieces, spreading a thin layer of frosting between each piece. Once the layers are set, frost the top and sides of the cake as well.
    7. Use any remaining frosting to decorate the top of the cake. Decorate with gold foil or other desired toppings.

    Note: Chocolate is a delicate ingredient so please be careful when applying heat!

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